Meet Te Ramanui

Hi, I’m Te Ramanui, AKA Dj Ramanui the only thing I enjoy more than having a good time myself is hosting events where you get to party and have a great time. I love all things music, big speakers, stages and dancing while being a different type of perfect.

From a young age I have always enjoyed music and wanted to know where the music was coming from, I would not stop looking until I found the speakers. Music was/is the best way to teach me new things.

Having my own DJ business was the best option as I have such a love for music. My business has grown over the years from more equipment added, branding, finding the right DJ mentors to support me. I’m very proud of what I have achieved so far and no matter your crowd, I can entertain them!

“I do DJing because it’s cool – that’s why”

“I like to do weddings because people in love make me happy”